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Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Wednesday 10th of March 2004

We will present
  • James Whitney, Lapis (1966) Colour 16mm -6min

  • Tradition of spiritual visual music. The filmmaker expanded his imagery with new technologies including the computer. Lapis utilised the advantages offered by the analogue computer being able to generate more complex imagery much faster.
    Lapis is a succession of abstract patterns (colred wheels,
    mandala) organised dynamically by traditional Indian music.

    James Whitney (USA 1921-1982) is a experimental cineaste and studied the visual arts in England then returns to Los Angeles at the beginning of the Second World war.
    James had realised alone Variations (1940) which is an attempt to create a movie based on the musical model.

  • Mystere Picasso -part of it 6-7 min

  • ┬áPatrick Bokanowski, La plage (1991) colour -12min

  • Patrick Bokanowski, Dejeuner du matin (1972) colour - 12min

  • Patrick Bokanowski was born in 1943. From 1962 to 1966, he studied photography, optics, and chemistry, under the direction ofHenri Dimier, painter and scholar, specialist in the optical phenomena and the perspective systems. The animated films of Jean Mutschler are his first true window onto the cinema, and a long time, animation will remain for him a kind of predilection at the same time as a privileged
    ground of experimentation. The images that he shoots, Patrick Bokanowski would like to make them more expressive, and would like to ake the shapes more fluid : he then collect pieces of glass, curve, etc... and tried to film through it. The result not being completely convincing, he creates optics helped by specialists and is interested in reflective surfaces then in mirrors, and mercury baths, kinds of moving mirrors .

    Its technique of the reflective mirrors through which he films a completely distorted
    reality takes all its direction in (au bord du lac) "At the edge of the lake". This
    film required for its realization, an erudite provision of almost fifteen mirrors manufactured and selected among tens
    of samples. Patrick Bokanowski's taste for drawing and the fluidity of the shape, made necessary to question the traditional laws of the cinema, to start with the choiceof optics used.

    "I worked with pinholes, with piece of glass. I worked with mirrors of all kinds, I worked with liquid surfaces "

    "Picasso, which was very closed to the Brassaï photographer, said to him: "But should use pieces of glass , you should work with pieces of glass". "

    This focus on optics is not the only parameter on which Patrick Bokanowski seeks to intervene. The construction of the
    of decorations like the chemical modifications , are as many means of fighting against a vulgarisation of reality. Fighting against the banal is rebuilding reality to give it the expressivity which is appropriate to him.

  • The reflecting pool - 7min

  • Introduction of Bill Viola, Mystere Picasso by Joelle
    Introduction of Lapis, Bokanowski by Cati

    Wednesday, March 03, 2004

    we will put the movies screening here... any suggestions ideas... let us know


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